Our rank structure is pretty simple, adhering with one exception to the supported ranks built into the game in Destiny 2. What each rank means is as follows:


  1. Beginner When you first join the clan you will be a beginner, you will see this reflected in game and on the discord server your name will be white with the same permissions as a visitor to the server. Beginners will share in all the same clan rewards as any other member, however are unable to initiate guided games as a guide, in order to protect our oathkeeper score. This is also a probationary rank, if you make no effort to get promoted to member you will eventually be removed from the clan.
  2. Member Once you have played with some of our members and they have recommended you then you are promoted to member. This will be reflected in game as well as on the discord server where your name will change to green and you will gain access to the members chat, which is where among other things we post which beginners we recommend become full members. This is not a probationary rank, once you have achieved member status, your place in the clan is secure.
  3. Veteran This rank is not reflected in game, you will still be listed as Clan Member in game, but on the discord server their name will show as purple. Veterans are members who have a say in who gets invited to the clan, who joins the veteran rank, and new admins are always picked from the veteran rank. To get promoted to Veteran you must already be a full member who has been recommended by another member for promotion to Veteran, gain majority approval from the existing veterans and unanimous approval from the admins.

  4. Admin This rank is reflected both in the game and on the discord server where their names are shown as blue. These are the select few who are responsible for managing the clan, they are the ones capable of promoting those recommended by other members, moderating the chats, and sending invites to those voted upon by the veterans. Clan Admins also have their own @strangerscult.com email addresses. When the founder announces an opening for a new admin there is a vote amongst all full members for which veteran they would like to see promoted to admin, the 3 with the most votes move onto another round of voting where only the veterans will vote for which of their peers of those 3 will be the next admin. In the event of a tie a member of the admin team that has been pre-determined will cast the deciding vote.

  5. Founder The founder of our clan is kn1ne. This is a rank reflected in and out of the game. The founder is responsible for the overall running of the clan, including the design and maintenance of this website, the discord server, etc. 

Clan Ranks